Friday, November 25, 2016

The Right Water to Stay Young

A dry skin is one of the signs of an aging body. As we get old, skin lose sebum, and in turn, lose moisture. Drinking plenty of water is imperative for someone who wants to slow down the signs of aging such as dry skin. Any doctor would say we have to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. But most of them did not mention what kind of water we should drink. And I guess we ought to know.

What does water do?

Water cleanses our body. It promotes the efficiency of blood circulation to help expel the toxins out of the body. Water aids the body in swilling out waste from particular cells, keeping them in good state. While it carries away toxins from the skin, water also transports necessary vitamins and minerals into individual cells.
The need to rehydrate skin

Water comprises 70% of our body. Skin, being the largest organ, has a lot of water in it. But the body consumes and expels lots of water in a day. Because of this, our skin needs regular rehydration. The most powerful moisturizers are not enough to take the place of the element that comprises our body most. Not enough rehydration causes the skin to look dry, tough, and old.

Getting old

We get older since we are not flushing out of all the generated wastes within our body allowing these toxins and impurities to mount up within our body. For our body to operate and to maintain its temperature, we consume nutrients inside our cells. The chief ingredients of all foods, real or junk, plant or animal, alkaline or acid, costly or not, are proteins, fats or carbohydrates. And these are nothing but the amalgamations of these elements: oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen.

After undergoing the digestive and circulatory processes, these nutrients will be oxidized in the cellular level. After this, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen will all turn into organic acids: fatty acids, ammonia, uric acids, etc.

These acidic rubbishes are expelled in the form of urine or sweat after having undergone some processes in the blood. Regrettably, as a result of our lifestyles (i.e., too much stress, not getting enough sleep, not enough workout, too much ingestion, smoking, etc.), the body can’t rinse out all those acidic wastes produced in our body. These waste products build up in an area in our body. What’s worse is that we don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables which are alkaline foods. We get old by this process.

The Right Water

To reverse aging caused by acidic waste products, we should drink alkaline water. Acid free alkaline water or microwater is created by cleaning a tap water (typically with a pH of 7), and letting it go through an electro analysis chamber. Alkaline and acid minerals found in a tap water is split b a device called water ionizer. The system would release water with a pH of 9 (alkaline) and another set with a pH of 5 (acidic).

Drinking alkaline water is one of the most helpful and trouble-free ways to flush toxins and delay the process of aging. Its effectively lies in the fact that it penetrates deeper than ordinary water. There, it dissolves and transports wastes out of the body.   

Alkaline water is more than twice as effective as ordinary tap water. In fact, the affectivity of three glasses of alkaline water is greater than six glasses of a regular one. With this alkaline water, 4 glasses is enough to suffice your daily water need, and delay aging, in turn.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Keeping Skin Youthful

Keeping Skin Youthful 

The young rushing to grow old and the old doing all that it takes to stay young is one of the most observable ironies in life. Well, blame the latter to vanity, or, perhaps, let’s be thankful for it. So that this time, it would be vanity’s chance to strike ‘coz staying young is just a simple routine that would spell a huge difference. And to boost this regimen, some experts share relevant tips for a younger-looking skin.

Clean face properly   
Remove all traces of cosmetics on your face by using cotton balls and moisturizing cream. Using lukewarm water (that also opens pores for deeper cleansing) and a soap-free, non-comedogenic, and mild cleanser, gently rotate your middle and pinky fingers upwards avoiding hard rubbing that could damage your skin. Make sure hands are clean to prevent spreading bacteria and dirt which can worsen acne and other skin problems.

Massage face wash on skin for about 60 seconds to wipe away dirt, bacteria, pollutants, and product residue. Rinse at least three times to remove residues that will clog our pores. After patting skin dry, use an alcohol-free toner that preferably contains glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid. These acids can reduce the size of you pores and can give you instant results.

Use soap on select areas

To maintain the softness of skin, soap should be applied only on select areas--your face, underarms, feet, groin, and buttocks. These are the areas that need the cleansing effects of soap so other areas won’t be unnecessarily stripped off of its natural skin oils. Some experts say that rinsing other areas with water alone is enough to make them clean.

Moisturize while you wash

Moisturizing after cleansing is absolutely necessary. Washing the face can aggressively remove the natural oil of the skin. Moisturizing after cleansing will replenish the necessary oil that was lost. Use products which contain the least amount of harsh additives. Pure Vitamin E and aloe vera oil can be applied too for intensive moisture treatment. Just open a capsule and apply directly on skin for that intense moisture you need.

Let moisturizer be absorbed well

Set moisturizer for at least three minutes before applying makeup. This will let your moisturizer to be completely absorbed and will help our makeup to last all day.

Clean a damp face, not a dry one 

Use cleansers on damp skin. According to Dr. Mary Lupo, a professor of dermatology at Tulane University, cleansers are more likely to be irritating if applied on dry skin. This will also lock in moisture.

Splash face with cold water before a makeup

This helps shrink pores and is a trick used by makeup artists to help makeup glide on seamlessly. Moreover, smaller pores give little space for pollutants and cosmetics to reside, hence, a more radiant skin.

Apply products properly

The effectiveness of products depends chiefly upon its penetration unto the skin. For better absorption of ingredients, follow this sequence: toner, serum or treatment products (like retinoid), moisturizer, and sunscreen. This sequence will keep heavy formulas from preventing lighter ones to be absorbed well.

Move your sun shade

Change the placement of your sunshade in your car. Move this to your left to block UV rays while you are driving. If not, the left side of your face would tend to look older than the other side because of the sun damage. Nevertheless, place a shade wherever you are seated in your car. It does not only protect your skin, but also that of your fellows.

Experts have done their share, so now it’s time to do yours.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Miss Flawless

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Beautiful Glowing Skin

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

About Injections for Skin

 How far are you willing to go to be beautiful? As years go by, developments even in the beauty department never seem to cease. You will see a product available commercially based on your need, may it be immediate or long term. There are creams that could easily wipe out your pimples, whitening skin injections, injections for wrinkles, whitening lotions and creams for your skin and a lot more.

The important thing that you have to ask yourself is do you really need to go the drastic route in order to retain your younger looking skin. Everybody will eventually look old no matter how helpful science had been to you. In the manner of using beauty products and undergoing surgeries and injections, you are merely slowing the process.

If you are already considering your options about the said topic, you have to be ready for the results and the consequences. To lessen your worries, do a thorough research about what you want to be done. Ask around and ask for referrals for professionals whom you will trust to handle your skin, which is if you are going the scientific path to a more beautiful, you. 

Who haven’t heard of Botox and Whitening injections? This list will remind you of things that you already know and may want to know about this procedure. 

1. Botox is known for removing wrinkles. But it will not help diminish other common skin problems caused by aging such as the age spots, sun damage and problems with pigmentation. This will also not soften your skin if your main concern is about its roughness. 

2. This is a costly procedure. If you really want to undergo such, you have to save up for it. And do save up for it a lot because you will not undergo through this only once. You have to undergo the procedure after a few months depending on what your doctor asks you to do according to your skin’s reaction to it. 

3. This is very risky especially if you will not go to the right doctor. The procedure entails injecting of toxins to your skin. Not everybody has the same reaction on those toxins. 

4. You have to tell your doctor the vitamins and medicines that you are taking before undergoing through this. They have to be informed about your body and your system so that they would know better if you are ready for it or you are not really fit. 
5. If not done properly, instead of removing the unwanted lines, you may end up having more than what you had before going through it. 

6. This is not for sensitive type of skin and veins. Botox includes injections. The one who will be getting the shots must first make sure that they are ready emotionally, physically and mentally.

Any injections for wrinkles or skin must be thought very hard before committing to the procedure. Once you’ve done it, there is no turning back and you have to abide according to what your doctor tells you to do. If you are still at a loss if you will do this or not, research about this more and after gaining more knowledge, you will sure be able to decide for the best. 

There are many other forms of skin whitening treatments if you are a little hesitant of the injections. Creams, pills, and laser therapy options are readily available, and are generally more accepted than these new up and coming injections. Product Miss Flawless is simple and affordable. Just take 1 capsule two or three times week and you will receive an adequate amount of glutathione and vitamin C in your system. No more painful and expensive injections. It is the safe, effective and painless alternative that guarantees fairer skin.  


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Busy Men

Miss Flawless is the solution for the modern day busy women and also men who don't have much time to spend on a beauty regime.

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Miss Flawless

Miss Flawless makes your skin pinkish white with a natural glow.

Miss Flawless is the solution for the modern day busy women/men who don’t have much time to spend on a beauty regime. Miss Flawless offers the same results of a glutathione injection, minus the pain, hassle and health risks. Miss Flawless is simple and affordable. Just take 1 capsule two or three times week and you will receive an adequate amount of glutathione and vitamin C in your system. No more painful and expensive injections. It is the safe, effective and painless alternative that guarantees fairer skin. 

Miss Flawless helps keep your skin in flawless condition as it formulated with skin boosting ingredients and skin regenerating properties. Miss Flawless makes your skin pinkish white with a natural glow and its anti-aging capability keeps skin young.        

Benefits of Miss Flawless:

Lighter Scars
Fade Pigmentations
Reduce Open Pores
Heal and Reduce Acne
Reduce Inflammation, Rashes and Redness
Glowing Skin

Main Ingredients:

Pure L-Glutathione, Grape Seeds, Vitamin C, Vitamin E.


Take 1 capsule every two or three days, 30 mins before breakfast or before bedtime. (On an empty stomach)

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